Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Contract Signed


As mentioned in the previous post, we have already signed the contract and also had our colour selection appointment last Wednesday 14/12/2011.

In this post, we will share our experience with Ashford from the beginning till contract signing.

Our main reasons for going with Ashford were their flexibility with the floor plans and matching other builder's quote. You can take your own floor plan to them.

We were directly dealing (still in contact) with their sales manager and must admit that, if not for his promise and assurance that Ashford would match any other builder's quote (In our case they did beat the quote) and with the option of your own floor plan, we would not have signed with them. It is worth to be noted though, that with out a quote from other builders, their prices are a bit high. The reason explained to us was that their main market is custom homes and now concentrating on first home owners as well.

We modified the plans quite a few times and the sales manager was more than happy to give suggestions and the most important thing for us was, he would visit our house at a suitable time for us to discuss the plan, variations etc.

So, finally we signed the contract on 23/11/2011, thanks to the sales manager for answering hundreds of queries again and again which helped in our decision making.

1. Flexible floor options, either the builder's or your own floor plan.
2. They do match any other builder's written quote.
3. Can meet out side office hours at your own place (not sure if all their staff do this, I don't know).
4. Before the contract is signed, can modify the plans any number of times.
5. Same day response for e-mail queries (most of the time).

1. If there is no Quote from any other builder, prices are a bit high.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Aim

Hi there,

The main aim of this blog is to provide an honest, first hand, as it is info on our experience of building our new home with Ashford Homes in Melbourne.

A new post for each and every stage that we go through with pros and cons.

We have already signed the contract and have Colour Selection next week, but would like to share each stage in a new post.

Next Post: Contract Signed

We hope this will help you in someway.